Help us get wine to your hospital!

Before we send wine to a hospital, we need a representative from the staff who can take delivery of the wine and distribute it to their coworkers.

How It Works

  1. Someone from your hospital signs up as a Hospital Representative

  2. The Hospital Rep tells us how much wine you want & need, how much they can store & distribute, and promises not to drink it all.

  3. We confirm the Hospital Rep's identity and add the hospital to our list.

  4. When we have enough wine to send, we coordinate with the Rep and ship it out.

  5. The Rep receives the wine and is immediately  responsible for storing it, sharing it, and taking photos of all the fun.

  6. Afterward, we check in to see how it went and ask if you want more wine.

That's it. No strings, no complicated processes. Just fine wine and good times.