About Frontline Wine

Frontline formed in April 2020 and within two weeks, had distributed more than 300 bottles of wine to healthcare workers in New York City. Now, we're growing as far as possible, as fast as possible. There are over 18 million healthcare workers and we need to give wine to all of them, especially the ones fighting COVID-19.

We need your help! Donate, volunteer, partner with us, spread the word!

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Our Team

Frontline Wine is operated completely by volunteers and we're always looking to grow the family! Do you love the idea of showing gratitude to healthcare workers by giving them bottles of wine? You've come to the right place. Join our team

Gavin Forrest

Founder of Frontline Wine
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Connor Forrest

Full-stack designer, no-code developer. Founder of Stick By Stick Studio
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Danielle Friedman

Chief of Staff & Senior Director Integrated Strategy
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Arpan Patel

Business Owner. Wine Guy. Adventure & Travel Junkie.
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Samantha Bronstine

Founder at Social Studies
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Alex Hantman

Helping health and wellness startups scale from pre-seed through exit
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Avery Bedows

Neurotechnology Advisor at Loup Ventures
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Our Partners

Do you want to help us give wine to 18 million healthcare workers? We're looking for partners for every part of the process, from wine acquisition and distribution to digital marketing and web development. Please, get in touch!


Drinks is Frontline Wine's first donor partner! They are donating one hundred cases of wine EVERY WEEK and shipping them to hospitals across the country so medical staff can feel appreciated and have a little fun.