Donate wine to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19

Show your love and appreciation by making a tax deductible donation to the medical professionals working nonstop across the country.

How it works

It's super complicated. We find the hospitals that are struggling most and then we send  hundreds of bottles of wine to the staff.

You pay for
a case

(Or bottle)

We send a

(Or bottle)

How it really works →

Medical workers across the country say


Show your appreciation for the people keeping us alive.

There are over 18 million health care professionals in the United States. We want to give a bottle of wine to all of them. Unless they don’t drink wine. Then we just give our thanks. These are the people who show up every day and make the tough decisions. Who keep us alive, our family members safe, and our country running.

Why wine?

It's not about the wine. It's about showing love and thanks to everyone working under immense stress in hospitals, shift after shift.

To our healthcare workers, we hope the wine helps create a pocket of goodness where you can relax for a minute or share a glass with friends over zoom knowing that someone, somewhere wants to say thank you for everything you’re doing.

Are you a medical professional?

You're in the right place! Thank for everything you're doing. We see you, we appreciate you, and we want to thank you. In order to get wine to your hospital, we need a medical professional from your company to act as an intermediary. They'll be responsible for receiving the shipment and distributing it to the staff.

Get Wine To Your Hospital