Donate wine to healthcare workers on the frontlines

That's right—wine! Show some love and appreciation by making a tax deductible donation to the medical professionals working nonstop across the country.

healthcare workers thanked!

Thanks to our donors, we've sent wine to thousands of healthcare works in hundreds of hospitals across dozens of states. And this is just the beginning

"So nice to be home...and relax"

“After a long shift and good shower it is so nice to be home in our safe space and relax...while being reminded of all of the #helpers out there supporting what we do day in and day out.”

NJ Emergency Dept

"Forever your biggest fan"

"Anyway, I just really wanted to thank you guys for what you are doing. It really makes the staff happy and is something they can look forward to having and relaxing to at the end of the day. Forever your biggest fan!"


"This is exactly what we needed"

“I have never been so excited about a bottle of wine before. We’ve all been so stressed these past few months- this is exactly what we needed to have a self care night and recharge. Thank you Frontline Wines!”


“A few of us nurses live together and on our night off we cracked open our Frontline Wine bottles and had a girls night for the first time since February. Do you know how amazing that felt?!”

"Thank you!"

“This is amazing because I barely have time to get to the grocery store, let alone the liquor store. The last time I was able to unwind with some wine after a long, awful day was… I can’t even remember! Thank you!”

"Thank you"

“We are grateful for the helpers who keep showing up to cheer us on and keep us feeling strong and resilient. If we stand together we know that together will all rise above. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

"Kindness like this reminds us that we are seen"

“We are so humbled by the fact that complete strangers are out there showing our Emergency Department Team love and support. Gestures of kindness like this remind us that that we are seen.”

"Nothing makes us as happy as the wine"

"Thanks so much for our wine, we get food and desserts delivered but nothing makes us as happy as getting the wine delivery! Thanks!"

Montefiore Bronx

"SO grateful"

"As a healthcare worker I want to personally thank you for everything you guys are doing. Marit Pearlman Shapiro reached out to you and we are so grateful for sending us a bit of normalcy to enjoy."


How it works

It's simple—we find the hospitals that are struggling most and use donations to purchase and ship hundreds of bottles of wine to the staff. That's all there is to it!

You pay for a bottle (or a case)

We purchase the wine and send it to hospitals around the country

You can help today

Donors, volunteers, partners—all are welcome!

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Frontline relies entirely on your donations to purchase wine and deliver it to hospitals all over the country!

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Say thank you to the people keeping us alive

There are over 18 million health care professionals in the United States. These are the people who show up every day and make the tough decisions. Who keep us alive, our family members safe, and our country running. With your help, we can thank them all.

Why wine?

It's not about the wine. It's about showing love and thanks to everyone working under immense stress in hospitals, shift after shift.

To our healthcare workers, we hope the wine helps create a pocket of goodness where you can relax for a minute or share a glass with friends over zoom knowing that someone, somewhere wants to say thank you for everything you’re doing.

Help raise a glass

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

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"Overwhelmed by the generosity"

"Everyone was overwhelmed by the generosity. Thank you again. It was a great show of appreciation."

Richmond University Medical Center


“I definitely needed this tonight. Thanks for sending it and thanks for saving one for me! “

St Mary Medical Center

"Such a treat"

“This is such a treat- free food is fun and all, but free wine is what really gives us the chance to do some much needed relaxation!” Bubba

"This is exactly what I needed"

“I’m so excited, this is exactly what I needed after this week. Can’t wait to take my mind off things!”

"Free things always brighten my day"

“Getting free things always brightens my day… but free wine!? Made my whole month”

NYP Columbia

"Truly blown away"

"We are truly blown away and feel so grateful! Times are particularly rough for us right now and this helped lift our spirits!"

NJ Emergency

"Lifted our spirits"

"Thanks again for this great donation! It really lifted the spirits of my program!"

NYP Cornell

"We are super grateful"

"Thanks so much for your donation! We are super grateful for the wine! It will be perfect to help us relax after a long day on the front lines"

SF General

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Is my donation tax deductible?


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How does Frontline decide where to send wine?

Join the team!

Frontline Wine is growing incredibly fast and relies entirely on volunteers and parters to spread goodness. We want to give millions of bottles of wine to frontline healthcare workers and we need all sorts of people and partners to make that happen. You can be with one of them. Fill out this form or email !

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"Thank you SO much for the wine!!! The staff in the ER was THRILLED to get it! It really brought a dose of happiness to some very stressed out nurses . . . and doctors . . . and techs! Judging by their responses, it was the best thing to happen since the discovery of penicillin!!! With your generous donation of not just one shipment but a second as well, the ER staff shared it with our ICU colleagues. They were equally grateful for some liquid stress relief!"

Valley Hospital

"Super excited"

"Even though I was off today I was sooo excited to drop off the wine to them and hand it out because we all work sooo hard and tirelessly day in and day out. Many of us including myself pick up 1 or 2 extra shifts a week to help out so that our department is never short staffed. These people are the most hard working and dedicated group of nurses I know and I am proud to call them colleagues but most of all I am proud to call each and every one of them my friends. They where super excited and so thankful for a surprising gift. Thank you again for sharing with us and thank you for making their end of shift a great one today!!!"

Centinela Hospital

"So excited to unwind"

“I haven’t seen my coworkers this excited in a very long time. This really made their day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Many of these people in this pic have not seen their families in weeks. They are so excited to unwind with this wine. Thank you! “

NYP Cornell

"Great work"

"Brought smiles to our #healthcareheroes at Good Samaritan Hospital when we delivered some premium wine as a thank you for a great job they are doing. This was made possible by the great work of Frontline Wine who have distributed over 5,000 bottles of wine to healthcare workers throughout the country."

"If you are a helper, you are a hero"

“You don’t have to be on the frontline to be essential, you just need to show up in the best way you know how. Help someone in any way you matter how big or how small. In times like this...if you are a helper you are a hero.”

"We appreciate the love and support"

"Things have been different at Winthrop over the last two months. Most providers have been pulled from their traditional roles to aid in the fight against COVID19. Surgeons obstetricians pediatricians neurologist medical students nursing staff nursing assistants and more have noted so many changes. The medicine, intensive care and respiratory teams have been affected the most and overwhelmed to say the least. The community has been so supportive sending food letters donations of masks and other protective equipment. The events of late have certainly put us in the medical profession through strain but has also brought people together. Recently we have received multiple shipments of wine from Frontline Wine and We as a whole hospital community couldn’t be more grateful. Not only was it unexpected, however in these crazy times it’s been a much needed treat. We appreciate the love and support and hope Frontline wine can continue its mission bringing joy to health care providers in need. Thank you Frontline Wine! Much Love, Winthrop Family"


"Eternally grateful someone was thinking of them"

"Hey all, just wanted to send a story of a successful distribution to NYP Downtown. These are all members of the critical care team, all faced COVID head on, all severely over-worked, very tired, and all ETERNALLY grateful someone was thinking of them. I wish I could have shared the experience of feeling like a celebrity carting these cases into the hospital. Another success, great job everyone!"

NYP Downtown

"People smiled, they cried, they touched their hearts"

"Dear Frontline Wine, Yesterday was truly one of the best days. I brought cases of donated wine to the intensive care unit and the COVID-19 unit at San Francisco General Hospital. I expected people to be happy, but I was blown away by how they reacted. People smiled, they cried, they touched their hearts. They shared that they felt seen, appreciated, and so very grateful. There was a sense of camaraderie as well. Even though these nurses and doctors can’t drink the wine together, they bonded over receiving it as a group. Everything else melted away for a moment as they came together to receive recognition. So thank you. From me, from them, from all of us. What a generous and thoughtful gift."